Out of the Ashes of Chaos Begets a New World Order

Greetings, just so you know, my internet connection has become  so slow, and/or this is so long that spell check has difficulty operating. Therefore, I decided to complete this writing on my computer rather than trying to finish it here on blogger.

Once complete, I hope to load it onto an e-book and list it on Amazon where any profits will go towards an organization in our county who is working to help solve the mental health/homeless crisis in our area.

So, as you read the following, please understand that there are misspelled words, and that I may no longer add to, nor edit this work. However, you will get the just of my thoughts here if you wish to understand where I am coming from.

I have spent most of my life searching through vast amounts of information (some of which is listed at the bottom of this page) hoping to better understand the meaning of life and what being human entails.

It is not my intention to explain every detail of each topic, but rather I hope the following will be a catalysis which causes you to begin an investigation into this type of information that is not found within mainstream academia.
Below I share some of the more notable themes and the commonalities I discovered between some of those sources which are listed at the bottom of this page.
However, even though some of
yesterdays science fiction has became today's science fact, I do realize that the following may still be difficult for some to relate to. 
This is obviously because most of the following does not conform with what most of us were taught in history books and/or by our religious institutions.
Therefore, I ask the following of you:
1: That you understand, that because every belief system/subject/topic is based upon a perception that is based upon an interpretation of which is all based upon our extremely limited view of the creation, I do NOT believe there is a gospel truth, per se.
2: That you do your best to place your current belief system aside for an hour or so, so that you may then have the ability to better understand, not only why people belief what they believe, but also why things have been as they have been for countless generations.  
3: That you understand the following thoughts are based upon my interpretation/opinion of the information I have read.

4: That
you, not only forgive me when I repeat something, but also that you reserve judgement until the end.
5: And that you understand I am currently editing this while adding further information hoping to share a more complete picture of all the information stored in my memory, and that it may take over a month or more to complete. 
Today is 8-30-2021. I will try to remember to write (END of EDIT HERE) where I end each day. Also, once you have done your best to try to understand what I have written here, and still have a question to ask or even have a comment to make, please feel free.

And that, although it is difficult to separate topics because all topics are connected with one another, I will list the titles for each topic, then do my best to add a short description for each towards the top of the page. 

However, before I begin sharing my thoughts, please allow me to introduce my-self.
My name is Ray Chandler. I began my current physical experience a few minutes after midnight on June 3rd 1957.
And although I grew up in a small town in the USA called “Paradise” within the State of California (but remarried and relocated a short distance away in the year 2000), I primarily consider myself to be a sovereign citizen of planet earth.
With that all said, allow me to begin with what I understand was  how this grand adventure began. Again, I am asking most of you to take a gigantic leap into the unknown depths of a collective subconsciousness that few are aware of.
Microcosm & Macrocosm

In the Beginning there was Nothingness

Nothingness somehow became self-aware. With the advent of conscious awareness, that awareness began seeking to understand it's full potential. In order to better realize it's full potential, that awareness fragmented its-self into selves/manyness, aka you/I/us/we. 
That first to become self-aware, is what most westerners today call "GOD" and that GOD apparently continues to reside vicariously within its manyness in order to know its-self. It is, therefore, a symbiotic relationship. And, that if you/I/us/we were to somehow become subconsciously disconnected from GOD/source, you/I/us/we would cease to be.

Throughout history the personage I just described has been given countless names and titles. And the interpretations of what, so called "GOD" is, is as endless as human imagination. I think of God as the primary neutron within the torus field pictured above and you/I/us/we as the flowing electrons.

You/I/us/we are the micron of the macron and each is a reflection of the other-self/selves. And that, from the highest perception of all, there is only one of, so called "us" here, there or anywhere. 
Each individual thought form (you/I/us/we) are merely a fragment of an overall whole each experiencing its own unique personality, its own unique adventure and each having its own unique energy signature, no two of us are the exact the same. But, all combined form the symphony which is GOD the grand and/or primary architect/creator of the all.

And that, once GOD fragmented its-self into manyness, that manyness was then consciously, not subconsciously disconnected from GOD/source. It was then that each individual began to believe, some more so than others, their way of thinking is the only correct or rational way of thinking, and that the way others think and behave is often viewed as incorrect or irrational. 
It has also been stated that, not only is physical form extremely difficult compared to non-physical form, and that our current state of physical form allows for a very limited awareness, but also that this physical form offers learning experience not found in non-physical.

So why is it that most humans have a belief system, that often involves the common theme of a past visitor claiming would return in a future time, while others await some sort of an alignment to occur?

The people of ancient
Mesopotamia recorded that a group of, what I will call "people" came and taught them various aspects of government, agriculture, etc.

These are known to many of us today as the
Anunnaki, who are somehow connected to the Reptilian group of races that we hear so much about today whom I will go into detail about later.

Anu meaning "king" claimed to be the most high sky god, and his competing sons Enlil and Enki (maybe is the origin of the Cain and Able saga) are said to represent civilization and culture.

At some point Egypt had a sun and/or morning star/moon and/or evening star deity, said to be of a virgin birth named "Horus". Then during the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, (a long skull) Akhenaten apparently received a visit from a being that taught him concepts that temporally transformed the belief in many gods previously held by the people of Egypt. 

However, in Akhenaten's confused admiration for the visitor, Akhenaten crafted
a solar/sun deity he named "Atum or Aten". Akhenaten then waited each morning for the return of said solar deity. 

For the people of Greece and later Rome the sun deity Mithras, who also claimed to be of a virgin birth, held persuasion. For the Persian people Ahura Mazda, also representing civilization and culture, laid claim would one day return for his chosen people. 
For some tribes in South American the sun, storm and time deity Vircocha, who also stated would return, was held in great esteem. Some North American tribes are still waiting for the star alignment they call "Kachina".

Today, it is primary the various Abrahamic traditions who await a godlike being to return to bless the righteous while condemning the wicked. Most of you are familiar with these belief systems so I will say no more on this topic except that anyone who has truly been paying attention will have realized that all, if not most of the above savior-ship ideologies we have today were inspired by human interpretations of the information given them by various visitors. Some humans understand that most of those interpretations are based upon astro-theology.

I will go out on a limb here and say this is why Constantine did what he did. In that, in his quest to unite
the various believe systems of the citizens under Roman domination, Emperor Constantine formed the Counsel of Laodicea. Once a consensus believe system was created, it was then given the name "Catholic", meaning universal.  
Constantine then ordered any and all contrary information be removed. (However, I believe that much of that information was placed in the vaults under the Vatican). It was then that libraries, such as those within Alexandria, were burned. Apparently, much of what I share here is/was contained within some of those writings.

Many years later various forms of literature was discovered, most of which began being referred to as "Gnostic" or "Heretical". Within some of those, forbidden teachings the term "Logos" refers to what many call "GOD" today. And the term "Logi" refers to us.

While, what I term are the various versions of "Constantine's Bible", does somewhat reference cause and effect, reap what is sown karma, most reference to reincarnation and other previously well known topics were removed and/or not included within the canonization process. Why? 
What did the church not want us to know? If there is one thing I am fairly sure of, it is that things are rarely what they seem, nor are the reasons given truthful.

Within some of the information listed at the bottom (which I will call "source or sources" from now on) some sources within that information call "GOD"
the primary progenitor. For some God is known as "Source", while others use the phrase "The One Infinite Creator". For some its simply "Creator" or "Primary Creator" while another source uses the heart warming phrase "All father" to differentiate what GOD is to them.

It also seems that the creation is based upon a dualistic nature where positive and negative energy flows much like a car battery. And that, all manyness is allowed to choose between a positive "radiating" polarity, or a negative self-absorbing polarity. 
Apparently, we manyness, some more so than others, are currently under the dominion of the negative self-absorbing polarity. I will do my best to try to explain this throughout this body of information.

Again, I realize that much of the following will be difficult for some because it is so different from what we were taught. Even I still struggle trying to understand what has not yet been made clear to me within the next few paragraphs. And that is, how our spirit, now spirit-selves that I described above somehow ended up connected with physical bodies on physical planets. Was this caused by fragmentation?
One source states that being in, so called "physical form" is the meaning behind our "fall" in the Garden of our Eden. And that most of the DNA within our current earth-suit model was deactivated due to cause and effect, reap what is sown karma.

A couple of sources confirm the fall was due to negative karma and that we are somehow an experiment. Any explanation for the human species being an experiment was not given, but  comments were given implying, "if you knew, it would spoil the experiment".
One source also states that once we, as a soul grouping, or also known as a "social memory", that has yet to become complex somehow was convinced to "jump" into the current earth-suit model/configuration in which we are currently operating. Once we "jumped", we all then awoke with a form of amnesia, no longer having any recall of our individual or even our collective past experiences.

If so, then how could we have created negative karma before we  somehow became, or had cause to become physical? Is it possible that, not only is physical a reflection of non-physical, but that there are also variations to physical and non-physical depending upon our personal, and/or the resonate frequency of our soul groupings?

And is it possible that all the above is accurate dependent upon individual interpretations? Whatever, or however is/was the causal of our fall into this current state of limitation, we are now, not only suffering from limited conceptualization, in bodies we are unaware of how to step in and out of, therefore experiencing limited freewill, but are also apparently under the governance of a hierarchy due to our self absorbent STS polarity. All of which I will try to explain as I write.

For now consider the strong possibility, that no matter what form or configuration we are, a battle of wills has been taking place vicariously thru us since the first to become self-aware decided to experience what its full potential is.

In that, not only does every ancient society that had a system to record history, recorded catastrophic events such as world wide floods and various "other-worldly" visitors who arrived at various times, but also about wars that took place on earth and within the, so called "heavens" above thousands of years ago. Obviously, those wars are still taking place today in both the physical and the non-physical realms.
So what causes war? Is it caused by the service-to-self polarities desire to survive which often still causes most people's, again, some more so than others to use force, bribe or other forms of persuasion to take from others? If so, then overcoming our selfish desire to abridge the freewill of others is and will continue to be the greatest hurdle for us, as a species to overcome.

Because, if w
e were somehow involved in these long ago wars, then this self-created darkness may then be the cause of our being under the dominion of others who "MAY" reside outside of our current auto and visual spectrum.
I am trying not to overwhelm you, but like I warned you above, this will be difficult for anyone who has never heard of this type of information before. 
I will go into our being under the domination of others much more later. However, for now I wish to share some trivial, yet connected to information that you may, or may not find interesting, but hopefully will help shed some light upon all the various topics. 

Apparently, various physical plant, humanoid and other physical life form variations have been genetically altered and/or seeded at various times on more than just the earth. It is said that the last alteration which was done on the current earth-suit model we currently operate was done by the Annunaki. 
And that the Annunaki/Reptilian amalgamation of races are still playing a major roll in our experience today. Again, I will go into this later.
And that some sources state that millions of years ago there were humanoid life forms on earth that were over twenty feet tall. (Apparently, earth had a less powerful gravitational field back then. And that all life forms in the future will need to be even shorter than those today or their vertebrata will remain in a constant state of pressure causing pain).
Today there are people who claim to have found very odd remains and mechanical devices, only to have government officials confiscate the evidence and threaten them to remain silent.

Some of the remains are said by native North American elders to be from the nephilim who had caused the native people much agony until a couple hundred years before the Europeans arrived. (Look into the legends of the red haired giant mummies that were found in the Lovelock cave in the state of Nevada, USA, as was told by the Paiute people who still live there today.)  
Apparently, the nephilim were seeded on earth more than once, and that most of us, some more so than others, share DNA with the nephilim, along with countless other species maybe even the various higher spectrum of awareness species known today as "Yeti", "Sasquatch" or "Bigfoot".

Also look into how not all human earth suits were engineered using
rhesus monkey genome. That has major implications of genetic manipulation.  

One source states that planet earth is a convergence point within the time/space continuum (I am not 100% sure what that  means). While other sources state that planet earth is a DNA storehouse due to its diversity, location and climate. Maybe that explains why we get so many visitors. Are they arriving where we believe here is from other locations, dimensions/densities, or from other times?    
Various sources also state that there have been wars taking place in, so called "outer space" for millions of years. And that one of those wars was between some of the persons residing on Mars and the next door planet that is now, what most call "the asteroid belt".

Apparently, some of us were part of that war. And that the fear we experienced there caused most of us to become so entangled in a knot of negative emotion that our higher-selves (known as "angels" to some), had difficulty getting us untangled. Once untangled many of us apparently "jumped" into the earth-suit model(s) that were available on earth at that time.

Apparently, Atlantis was a more recent technologically advanced civilization that continued to develop until it was world wide. However, apparently it's demise came due to some extremely self-serving people (whom I will talk more about later) having used technology trying to abridge the freewill of others. 
This then somehow caused a huge tidal wave to occur, ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise hundreds of feet where they remain today. This apparently occurred between 15 and 25 thousand years ago. Most westerners today know it as "Noah's Flood". 

Apparently, most of the earth-suits used by the Atlanteans had the same reddish brown skin that the Tibetans and others still use today. And that obviously some Atlanteans survived
because they had migrated to high ground before the flood. It has also been stated that most of us having awareness on earth today were also part of the Atlantean experience.
Also, apparently, there are, largely unknown large species of water creatures who have survived for millions of years. They still reside within deep underwater air filled channels from where they surface from only briefly. 
One such creature is known today as the Loch Ness Monster. Such is known to me as Loch Ness Nessie. (Why is it that some humans have a propensity to demonize, and/or call "monsters" or "demons" whatever and whomever they do not understand?). Apparently, there are still around 300 members of their species remaining on earth today, and all known by various names.
And what about all the megalithic stone structures? Who, how   or what built them? A couple of sources states that most were built by the Annunaki/Reptilian consortium as temples for early humans to worship their Reptilian overlords. 
And if you consider the meaning behind so called "demons" as the builders of Salomon's Temple(s), combined with what I have stating here, it all begins to make better sense. 
Apparently, whatever the Annunki/Reptilian grouping of races are, it is stated that members of their race(s) used/uses a combination of lasers to cut and sculpture stone and sound wave focusing to levitate stone into place. Apparently, the remainder of stone structures are/where build using a form of vitrification.

Although there are multiple known stone structures on earth, and more being unearthed all the time, you may be asking yourself, where is the evidence for all the other claims I make here? 
Really think about it. What is not under water, buried under mountains of sediment, that was not confiscated by authority figures, ("MAY") have, and continues to be removed by beings who no longer, or never did want the human races to realize that we are, and have been under their dominion for countless generations.
Most of us are aware of all the wars humans have been fighting for countless generations in order to control water, land and other resources. The most recent being when Germany's Nazi party decided they were going to put a stop to those whom they believed are controlling resource markets. 
From my perspective Hitler, his Nazi Party and Japan's Emperor Hirohito had the right intention to develop their counties economies under a system which seemed to them was designed to prevent their developments, they both went about protecting their people's interests all wrong.

Although people, such as
Hitler and Stalin were, by no means saints, they were both very protective of the working class, and both were also very anti capitalist believing no one should have while many hard working people had little.

And that i
n order to protect the capitalistic system, which keeps the ruling class in power, the ruling class have always used their control over the media to demonize anyone who apposes capitalism. I
f you wish to better understand why Hitler felt he needed to do what he did, read "Mein Kkampf".



I hope to share evidence of a coming change that some may know as a "Golden Age" while others may know it as "New World Order”.

Is what some know as a shift from the Piscean Age and into the Age of Aquarius.
Is maybe what the various Christian faiths refer to as "a new heaven and a new earth" in which they await.
As will be reflected in the topic the physics that govern the creation, it seems highly possible that past karma MAY have been the greatest factor as to why the world was\is as it was/is.

Therefore, it is my hope
to remain in my current earth-suit long enough to witness the end of the possible karmic entanglements we may have incurred. If so, then once the karmic wheel stops spinning, it may then be possible to create a level playing field where everyone who works at something which benefits society will receive an equal share of earth's resources.
So, is it the end of the world as we know it? Yes! It seems that we can expect massive changes to occur as we transition from the former era/age and into a renewed era/age.

So what changes can we expect? No one knows for sure because apparently future is fluid, therefore develops based upon choices made, thus apparently creates a variety of possibilities.

Is a New World Order slowly Manifesting?

Although many have heard the phrase “New World Order”, it seems to me that most people tend to fear the phrase because, not only did George H.W. Bush use the phrase during a joint session of Congress on Sept. 11, 1990 (9-11, coincidence?) in which he shared his hope for a New World Order..., 

But also because various Abrahamic and other old world belief systems claim that an anti-Christ/deceiver will proclaim its-self god/ruler over the earth in a future time.

Then we have those who fear the phrase New World Order because it implies that this planet will become ruled by a one world dictatorial government. 

While others, due to the programing/conditioning by those whose fortunes/power can only survive as long as free market capitalism survives, fear the phrase New World Order because that programing/conditioning has caused the phrase New World Order to become associated with tyranny, fascism and loss of freedom.

Whereas, having read a large variety of information, including  various versions of what I term are “Sumerian/Abrahamic based text”, it seems to me that there is a strong possibility that most humans have already been under the dominion of a worldwide hierarchical government which has been ruled from behind the scene for countless generations.

Some of those texts state that, what many today call “The Generational Ruling Elite” are actually a consortium, or an amalgamation of ancient hierarchical bloodlines who have been using various tactics such as mental manipulations, (see “Greenbaum Speech” for more on this topic) and/or disinformation designed to manipulate this experience in a certain direction which has kept them in power. 

And that a New World Order may be about freedom from, what I sometimes term is “The jungle mentality residing within a fear based Old World of Moralistic Disorder”. 

Were the ancient sumerian teachings the foundation for all the various Abrahamic faiths?

In ancient times kings such as King Hammurabi (aka “Code of Hammurabi” which apparently became the foundation for the Ten Commandments) ruled over vast amounts of humans (whom the hierarchy call “subjects”) in Mesopotamia (aka the Land of Ur from which Father Abraham is said to have migrated from).

Today the Ruling Class apparently use various persuasions such as the mental manipulations I mentioned above, but also threats, bribes, blackmail, etc. designed to keep as many of the faces we know, such as CEOs, presidents, prime ministers...,

Representatives, senators, ambassadors, etc. (whom the Ruling Class call “assets”) maintaining the same status quo which has kept those same hierarchical bloodlines in power, therefore directing the overall experience for countless generations.

Was 9-11-2001, in part a Ritualistic Human Sacrifice?

Notice that whenever anyone begins challenging the status quo, the Ruling Class use the various medias under their dominion (does dominion voting software, which was used in 28 US states during the 2020 presidential election, come to mind?) to manipulate/censor information and/or demonize anyone who challenges that status quo, aka "The official story". 

And that, whenever a leader of a nation refuses to allow the Central Banking Cartel to manage their economy, the Ruling Class often stage a faults flag attack in order to garner public support designed to wage war against them. 

It also seems that almost every institution on this planet from most news reporting agencies, governmental structures/political parties, health care, education, economics and even the various faiths that most people adhere to, have all been infiltrated by the unseen rulers of, and/or by the programed minions/assets of the Ruling Class Hierarchical Bloodlines whose faces we know.

"Take heed of the ancient warnings and prophecies about the Belialians: "Lizard-like are they -- not in apparent physical description, but in spirit form, in the heart, in the soul. 

Beware even now of your lizard kin, (due to genetic/DNA manipulation?) for they rule the world with greed and without compassion, while maintaining ‘appearance’ of good and righteous. As men (& women) do these Sons of Belial walk the Earth.

Model citizens. Successful leaders who are the envy of the uninitiated. While some appear disgusting and strange to the eye, look not to see the ugliness of the Belialians with your eye, for some are handsome to the eye. 

See you will not, their true lizard-like appearance with your earthly eyes. See their true nature, you will, only with the inner-eye, or in glimpses from the corner of the eye." 

- as was relayed to Jon Peniel from a lead monk during the time in which Jon Peniel studied the ancient teachings of the Children of the Law of One at a Tibetan monastery in the 1960s

Whatever people choose to call the Ruling Class, be it the Council of Nine as was depicted by many ancient civilizations, the Aristocracy, the Deep State, Black Hats, Dark Energy Manipulators/Magicians, Illuminati, Lucifertarians, Venusians, Reptilian, Draconian, Draco, Annunaki, the Demiurge, Orions, Jinn, Sons of Belial, Archons, Ahriman the lord of darkness/chaos, Canaanites, Devils or Demons really does not matter to me. 

What matters to me is learning what we need to do to prevent whatever they are from maintaining dominion over almost every aspect of life on this planet while the minions/assets continue to create massive wealth off of our labor and our suffering (see loosh effect) while polluting earth with toxins.

What is the meaning behind "sin"?

So How did We get Where We believe We are?

Is the following a Depiction of the Physics which Govern the Creation? 

Did we Really get Kicked out of the Garden of Our Eden?    

If so, was it really due to Sin?

If so, what does it mean to Sin?

Once an individual allows their-self to become aware of who and what they were meant to be, that individual then becomes unwilling to settle for who and what they have become.

Apparently, in the beginning was nothingness. Nothingness somehow became conscious. That consciousness then somehow became self-aware. 

Once self-aware, so called  "God" or "good", aka the "First-to-become-self-aware", aka "Source of Consciousness", aka "Primary Creator", aka "Primary Progenitor", aka "Grand Architect", aka "All Father", aka "Highest-self", aka "The One Infinite Creator"of all-ness, etc...,

(that which I will refer to as "GOD" from now on within this article) may then have also realized had the ability of choice. One of those choices may have been that GOD could choose to fragment its-self into manyness, aka "you/I/us/we" in order to discover full potential as individual(s). 

If so, then it may have been our collective choice to fragment/fall in order to experience what it is like to be an individual, and the only way to fully experience independence from the collective mind of GOD was to somehow disconnect the portion of our-self which consciously keeps us consciously connected to GOD.

One downside of consciously choosing (or was it due to manipulation or was it due to reap what we sow karma?) to consciously disconnect from GOD, is that most of us, to varying degrees began suffering from amnesia which led to a sense of separation/loneliness/insecurity. 

Whatever was the cause, somehow it all ties in with a duality between two polarities of either knowing, (remaining consciously connected to GOD vs becoming consciously disconnected from GOD, thus not knowing, not remembering who and what we are.

And that of a choice between positive polarity (service-to-others (STO) “radiant”) leading toward ultimate conscious reunion with GOD vs negative polarity (service-to-self (STS) “absorbing”) consciously disconnected from GOD which may merely be a sort of detour that we took in order to experience this..., 

A much deeper understanding of the separate-self which the vast majority of us are currently experiencing as individual fragments of the whole, and all while retaining our individual personalities/resonate frequencies.

If so, then there is also a high probability that this is a possible explanation for the so called “Tree of Good and Evil”. And that once this conscious disconnection from GOD occurred, not only did the vast majority of us begin suffering from memory loss and a sense of detachment/loneliness/insecurity..., 

but also that fear based emotions (are STS negative low resonate frequency) such as greed, resentment, jealously, hatred, mistrust, etc. began to manifest. 

Once this occurred, feelings of unconditional love and compassion (are STO positive high resonate frequency) towards those whom are different from us often became almost nonexistent. 

If so, then this implies that either choice may be an expression of desire to explore and experience the creative dualistic nature of so called "GOD".

And if so, then it is also quite possible that this, so called “reality” may be part of an experiential learning adventure crafted by GOD.

If the reality we are currently experiencing is due to GOD's choice to experience full potential between, both lightness (knowing/good) and darkness (not-knowing/bad/evil) vicariously through us manyness, (aka you/I/us/we) then has the desired lesson been learnt?

And if was created due to debt incurred by reap what we sow karma from past experiences, that most of us do not remember incurring, then is the karmic wheel beginning to stop spinning?

The Simpsons/Trump Conspiracy
Throughout ancient cultures such as Egypt, Babylonian, Israel/Judah, Greek, Roman and their precursors such as Lemuria (Land of the Lemurs) and Atlantis (which was apparently NOT an island, but rather was a world wide coastal civilization which is now mostly below sea level due to the melting of the ice caps during the last flood event some 12-15,000 years ago)..., 
begot magi/wise men, psychics, prophets, seers, oracles, sibyls, clairvoyants, etc. who apparently used/use various means such as the "Hand Writing on the Wall" divination qualities within reflections of mercury, water, crystals, etc. to receive higher dimensional information and/or to view future probabilities from unseen sources.

Today we have people called "Remote Viewers"who apparently have the ability to see details of current linear time/space locations, and even into possible future time lines. 

If so, then is it possible that these, as well as technologies such as the Vatican’s “Chronovisor”, or the USA Military Industrial Complexes DARPA “Project Stargate” were used in 2000 to view a future time line in which Donald J Trump would walk down that escalator after announcing his bid for the presidency in 2015?

While many of the text I have read claim that, not only is a battle of wills being fought vicariously through the human species, but also that the human species are the subconscious willing participants of some sort of an experiment, (which sources within those texts will not explain).

Other sources also state that the human species are currently approaching a convergence point within the linear space/time continuum which contains a realm border crossing.

Still other related sources claim that some of us will begin to consciously remember that we are all still subconsciously connected by the silver thread to our timeless primary estate (known to most as "Heaven/Paradise/GOD") where our primary soul essence apparently resides within a eternal etheric realm where there is no past, nor future, per se, but rather all is "now".

"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together." - Chief Seattle..., aka "Quantum entanglement?"

In that realm/energy field is where some sources state that some of us, (our soul fragments) will reunite (remember) in direct conscious thought with GOD before our soul groupings decide on our/their next adventures. 

Other sources talk about a coming time when, what humans believe will manifest becoming that group’s break-away reality for a “time” such as an anti-Christ type being becoming physical, or a savior-ship type individual manifesting.

If so, then it may be that what we believe will happen, will manifest/happen until our individual belief system re-converges with the collective/universal mind of GOD.  It may be that such phenomenon occurs as a
sensory type experience upon our physical death. 

Will you choose to interface directly with the internet?

Other sources talk about a time when some of us will branch off to mentally interface directly with the internet/artificial intelligence that they call "The Machine Kingdom”) Is this the meaning behind the Hopi "Two path" prophesy?

While other sources talk about some of us advancing into a higher frequency, while the remainder are left behind to repeat the cycle. Could this be the meaning behind the Bibles
"Two men will be working in the field, one will be taken, one will be left behind"?   

This may all be due to some sort of energy wave which apparently passes through the creation at cyclical intervals. And that the Mayan 12-21-2012 measurement was apparently an indicator of the end of the former era/age/cycle and the beginning of the next era/age/cycle..., 

Each lasting either 25.750 approx. years (a minor cycle) or maybe is 12 x 25.750 years approx. for a total of 309,000 approx. years, both of which apparently at some nexus within each cycle shift has the potential to cause a physical heating up effect to occur due to friction.

This is what seems to be currently taking place in what has been termed "Global Warming". However, we all know that nuclear fusion, nor is burning gasses healthy for any ecosystem, so we do need to end their use as soon as possible.

If so, then it may be that ice ages only occur during times with less, or no friction. If so, then it may be as a group of non-mainstream geologists argue, (having used a paleomagnetic device to measure earth’s magnetic field direction within rock strata), that a 180 degree MAJOR magnetic field “pole shift” occurred approx. 309,000 years ago, just as one source stated is when the fall from the Garden of our Eden occurred.

However, such measurements are apparently difficult to decipher, therefore are open for interpretation. 

However, it has also been stated that this wave of energy, which passes through the creation, also somehow magnifies emotion (which some call "hyperkinatic sensate") which causes people with a strong potential for aggressiveness, to become acutely agitated, fearful and aggressive. (Again as seems to be currently occurring).

In other words, if an individual remains focused on fear based emotions such as anger and resentment, then those emotions will somehow become magnified during the transition period between cycles.  

(This seems to be occurring with, what I term is/was an engineered Covid-19 pantomime acting as a catalyst designed to close the final net of control over the human species (similar to the catalyst which was created on 9-11-01) combined with other forms of catalyst. 

(Which is obviously not working on you because you are still here reading this ^_^)

Apparently, much as the physical heating up effect, which apparently occurs sometime during the transformation between cycles, may also be what causes those individuals to be left behind due to their having a fear based low resonate frequency. (Which is not punishment, but rather is just the physics which govern the creation.)

Is Homo Luminous the next stage of human evolution?

If so, then it is very important that we do not place excessive value on material things, nor remain angry or resentful. And that the very act of forgiveness (being careful NOT to enable adverse behavior) apparently places our beingness within a higher resonate frequency (called “enlightenment” by some) therefore ready to graduate back into higher frequency experience within a multi level creational experience.

And that for thousands of years most sources have been stating there is always a high probability for massive catastrophic changes, both here on earth as well as throughout all of the multi-universes during these transformations from one era/age/cycle into the next.

And that most of these sources have also stated that all creational changes have a direct effect upon all behavior/consciousness within all levels, because all is directly connected at the subatomic/quantum level (Heaven/Paradise/GOD). If so, then it can be no other way. Therefore, there is no death, per se, but only transformation from one form\type into another form\type. 

And, if so, then is it also possible that all of the above, and even other contributing factors that I am unaware of could be what has caused the world to become what it has become today. 

Whatever is/was the causal or what will be the outcome, the only thing I am sure of, is that nothing is what it seems, and that there may be much more to our story than most of us are even capable of imagining while being under this: a state of being consciously disconnected from GOD/Heaven/Paradise, the source of all consciousness.


Is the Star of David a power symbol?

Was 9-11-2001 Orchestrated to be a 
Ritual Human Sacrifice?

A Catalyst for the so called "War on Terror"?

 Or all of the Above and More? 

On the morning of 9-11-2001 I turned on CBS news and began viewing images of airliners hitting the Twin Towers in NYC. Then just minutes later a news commentator began reporting that building #7 had collapsed, even before it had actually collapsed, nor had it been hit by an airliner. I thought there had to be a logical explanation.

But when I began seeing images of the steel beams that had once held up the Twin Towers, now looked as if they had been cut at 45 degrees angles by a demolition crew, I knew then that there had to be more to the story. It was then I had an epiphany which caused me to begin questioning everything I thought I knew.

Whatever is/was the cause of 9-11-2001, (which apparently created multiple economic profit streams for the minions of the Ruling Class Overlords) which also seems to have been one in a series of final acts perpetrated by the Old World of Moralistic Disorder trying to maintain dominion over the human species, each day I am witnessing more and more people beginning to question their perceived reality. 

This also appears to be what is causing people to become increasingly disenfranchised with the way things have been, and are now becoming acutely angry and resentful causing major polarization.

Therefore, much like a nuclear bomb must reach critical mass before it can explode, so it seems that human consciousness is also about to reach critical mass. If so, then once it does, what is going to happen? 

Will all of our DNA somehow begin reconnecting, or just those of a higher resonate frequency? Will those whose DNA reconnects begin remembering who they/we are, and why they/we are here? 

Although I am not sure what to make of it all, nor what the future holds for any of us, if you are still reading this, it is because you, too, have begun to question your perceived reality. 

Again, I welcome you here and hope that you will continue reading below where I wrote my suggestions for the creation of a Communal Democracy.

A World United
Out of the Ashes of Chaos Begets a 
New World Order

(Ordo Ab Chao…, aka Order out of Chaos)

"Soon things in your realm will become very chaotic and strange. It will give chills to many. Do not be alarmed by the death throes of the old world! It will pass as a new world  dawns." - The Cassiopaean Experiment/The Wave Series in 2018

Once that day dawns, if it were up to me, I'd use that energy to create the capitalists greatest fear: 

A Worldwide Communal Democratic Society, an Earth Republic where I'd create an equal resource distribution system, a level playing field out of the ashes of a chaotic fear based past.

There everyone who works at least 30 hours a week at something which benefits society would receive, not only an equal opportunity to succeed, but also an equal share of earth’s resources through a form of quantum/electronic currency.

It is my hope that such a system would, not only end greed, make war and inflation obsolete, cause starvation to become a thing of the past, make charity unnecessary and make sure that no one can ever again gain excessive wealth and power so that we never again suffer the have and have not working poor/wage slave mentality which free market capitalism has caused. 

I hope to eventually see our world transformed, where everyone has their needs, and even many of their wants met.

Here is how I would go about it:

Firstly, I would work to attract the loyalty of all armed forces worldwide, then use that force to take back control of the media and begin a, so called “grass roots movement” designed to help transform hearts and minds in order to unify people through common goals.  

Once unifying goals were established, next I’d bring everyone who has been involved in economic fraud up on charges. If convicted, I would then offer them amnesty once they forgive all debt and relinquish all financial gain to be used to rebuild planet earth’s infrastructure. 

What once had monetary value such as large gems and high value art would not longer have value other than being placed in museums for everyone to enjoy. Small gems would be distributed to brides for their wedding rings. Materials such as gold would obviously no longer have monetary value, so would be freely distributed for use in electronics, jewelry, etc.  

Those who have been involved in the rape or murder of, or in the exploitation of people in the sex, drug, organ and DNA harvesting trades, would also be stripped of their wealth then placed in a penal colony (explained below) where they would remain until, if ever they are deemed capable of joining society. 

It seems to me that some minions of the Ruling Class would be willing to do the right thing once they are assured that their overlords are no longer in control.


The time has come to end the wage slave mentality


Most people will only fight for what they love, they will only love what they respect, and they will only respect what they believe is right. Teaching our children basic science, math, reading and writing skills are obviously important. 

However, I would also like to see all of our children taught emergency/disaster response skills. But more importantly taught integrity and how to become responsible members of an ethical society based on equality for everyone who is a respectable and responsible member of society.

Unfortunately, the old world primarily taught us to compete against, rather than to cooperate with one another while basing our self-worth on monetary gain and/or materialism. 

Somehow we need to teach our children the importance of working together while basing their self-worth on what they can do for the betterment of the overall health of their society, giving them something to truly be proud of no matter what they do for a living. 

However, because we are all as different as fingerprints, we all require different types of learning styles. Therefore, we need to learn what personality types require which types of learning styles. 

Once learned how to best teach our children as individuals, next we need to physically and mentally test them while they are still in the early stages of high school to learn what skills they have that would best serve them and their society.

Then based upon what they are good at and what they believe they would enjoy doing, they could begin advanced job training part time while working part time gaining the experiences of working at less glamorous jobs such as picking food crops until a position in their field of training becomes available. 

That way, no one would burn out from having to do the less desirable jobs their entire career, unless that is their choice. 

Capialism makes the whole world poor
Once we no longer suffer from the inflation caused by greed, I suggest work weeks be 30 hours per week, with a month off for vacation each year until age 40 years old. At age 40 years old each person should then receive two months of vacation each year until they retire.

Although we must never enable poor behavior, nor poor performance, everyone goes through times when they are less productive. Therefore, once an individual begins any job, they should be required to maintain a yearly level of productivity. If they are unable to meet that yearly level of productivity, they should then be given options for another form of employment that would better serve them and their society.

Plant the seed, grow it yourself
Also farmers who have generational land should be given the option to continue working the land and given the resources they require to be successful. And everyone should be encouraged to grow food at home and/or on local communal lands that have been designated for farming.

Everyone should begin working at something productive by age 20 until age 65, or for as long as they are capable and wish to continue. And if a job is deemed high stress, those who work at those jobs should only work 15 hours a week at those jobs, then 15 hours a week at a less stressful job. 

I also suggest that we teach our youth to take turns cleaning toilets, floors, windows, etc. at home and at school. Then once employed, the newest members of a work force should also take turns doing the cleaning chores at their places of employment.    

Also once retired everyone should continue receiving the same amount of credits (explained below) until their death. Then upon their death, all of their personal belongings such as clothing, jewelry, tools, toys, home furnishings, family photos and other heirlooms all be given to whomever they had previously designated.


Is time to reclaim your sovereignty from the enslavers of humanity


Every informed person should be given an equal opportunity to vote on every policy. Therefore, rather than continuing to hire old world bureaucrats who often wrote laws designed to protect them and their masters interests before ours, we would need to create a platform where informed individual citizens interested in writing and voting on policy could hear various points of view before being tested for their knowledge of an issue before being allowed to vote to make it a law.

In other words, before anyone is allowed to debate on the writing of/or vote on a policy/law, or on who to place in charge of an infrastructure, they would be required to be tested using the testing style that is best suited for their personality type to make sure that they are knowledgeable of a topic, and/or who is best qualified for each management position. 



We would also need to create a system where everyone who works, is retired, or is disabled receives the same amount of currency/credit no matter what they do/did for a living. Therefore, I suggest developing a quantum financial system which creates electronic currency to be used for personal items such as food, clothing, toys/entertainment, personal care products, etc. 

Everything else such as shelter, healthcare, education, public transportation, civil services, energy and other infrastructures, etc. would all be provided by the communal system without any cost.

However, due to the programing I previously wrote about, I realize that much of the following will sound Orwellian to most simply because most of us have been conditioned to fear any form of surveillance. 

SCIO Biofeedback is somehow able to read a person's individual bio-electric field any where on the planet they are

Science is just now realizing that every individual has a bio-electric energy signature which is unique to each individual. That signature could be recorded, our name and pertinent information loaded into a secure database.

Then the same, or similar technology which is currently used in biofeedback systems such as SCIO, which somehow contains the ability to identify each individual anywhere they are on the planet, could then be used to track our location 24/7.

Think about this... If we were to develop such a system, all forms of criminal behavior, such as identity theft, abductions done by  humans, etc., the system would know who was involved, when and where. 

Also, the system could be designed to monitor our health in order to alert medical personal if we are injured or about to have, say a heart attack. Knowing our location, the system could then dispatch a medical team to our location.

Once we have a system that knows us and our location, everyone should be allowed to move about the earth freely and live wherever they choose to live based upon their seniority. Those who refuse to be part of the communal society should also be allowed to live as they wish to live. 

However, they would NOT be allowed to move about freely, but rather would be required to remain within segregated areas separated from the communal society. However, each individual should always have the opportunity to join the communal society because none of us are free, unless we are all free to choose.


Powered by earth's natural energy?

Energy Generation:

Wind, hydro, thermal and solar are beneficial. However, once there is no longer a for profit monetary system, the harnessing of the earth's natural energy could then be developed. 

Apparently, Nikola Tesla had rediscovered the same or similar natural energy harvesting system which evidence outside the mainstream demonstrates that ancient civilizations were using.

If so, then it may have been the same or similar type energy harvesting system that the aerospace engineer Travis Taylor PhD was filmed using to power a toy boat on a History Channel show called “The Tesla Files”. 

Therefore, it is possible that had Travis probably been told to cease and desist, he may have continued to develop an energy harvesting and transmission system such as was apparently used before the last great flood thousands of years ago, which apparently caused sea levels to rise, and lands to be covered by multiple layers of sediment hiding evidence of, what were apparently primarily coastal settlements.

If so, then each mode of transportation, home, grocery and/or product distribution centers, factories, entertainment centers, etc. could all have a self-contained, or a centrally located natural earth energy harvesting system. 

Apparently, the Great Pyramid was build as a multi-use tool. One tool was to harvest earth's natural energy then transform the energy into a radio type wave which was received by receivers (as pictured within the above image on the lower right corner) which then transformed the wave energy into usable electricity to be used for lighting and other purposes. 

Another possible massive ancient energy harvesting system was discovered by Michael Tellinger in South Africa).


Whatever can kill bugs, can kill humans and other species

Clean water and food:                     

Once we are no longer polluting our air, water and soil with petrochemicals or other for profit toxins, this planet may be able to begin healing its-self as we begin to develop systems designed to purify air, water and soil. 

We would also need to develop more plant based products to replace as much of the petrochemical based products such as plastic, pharmaceuticals, skin and hair care products, etc. as possible. 

And rather than using toxic chemicals to prevent bugs and blight from damaging our crops, we could use birds, bats and other natural compounds such as citrus.


The time has come to change what types of materials we use to build our sheltersrom


It seems to me that many of our shelters would need to be upgraded to meet energy and safe living standards. I also suggest that any new construction be built using materials that are wind, flame and water resistant. 

And that when people relocate or die, a team of inspectors/technicians could make any needed repairs then pressure wash and repaint the shelter for the next individual or family to occupy.

Trained inspectors/technicians could also, not only help to educate residents on shelter care, but could also perform yearly inspections and make any repairs needed on all of our homes/shelters and other infrastructures. 

However, if residents desire to do their own repairs or repaint a shelter under their care, there should be no-cost resources available for them to use. A trained inspector/technician would then need to check to make sure that all repairs are done correctly.

Shelter size would need to be based upon family size. Those with dependent children or having extended family members residing with them would obviously be given the larger shelters. 

But if and when children move out, or family members die, whoever remains should be required to relocate to a smaller shelter in order to make room for a newly forming family.

However, if a couple, or single individual wishes to remain in a moderately sized shelter where their friends, children or other family members often visit, they should be allowed to remain in the shelter until their death or they choose to move into a elder care center. 

The oldest child would obviously have first choice to reside within the family shelter of a deceased family member once they have children, or elderly family members, or other loved ones require their assistance.  

Also, because some areas are more enjoyable to live in than others, retired persons should be given priority over areas they want to live in first. I envision some retires wanting to live in tropical areas in the winter and in the mountains in the summer. Those massive homes currently owned by the wealthy could be converted into condos for use by retires and/or for vacationers.


Or is the FDA a front for big pharma?

Health Care:

Some of us are aware that the Ruling Class Minions have created a health care system that is designed to fill their coffers with massive profits from prescribing symptom treating synthetic drugs, selling excessive cost medical supplies and equipment.

We could create a health care system similar to what Muammar Gaddafi had created in Libya...,

(Again, notice that people were also murdered at the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi on September 11. This apparently occurred just before Gaddafi was also murdered probably because he refused the Central Banking Cartel. Also, after Gaddafi was murdered someone removed all of the gold he had purchased which gave the dinar its value).

Rather than call it AMA: American Medical Association. We need to call it AMM: The American Medical Mafia

A health care system that, not only somehow rewards (a community thank you?) those innovators of cures and prevention rather than suppresses them, which also somehow rewards people for making healthy choices.

It also seems to me that caring for those suffering from mental illness, which often leads to alcohol and other drug use, should be one of our top priorities because everyone's mental health affects us all.


Population Control:

This planet is not yet over-populated. However, its resources are obviously not being distributed equally. Therefore, I suggest that we develop a procedure which prevents children from either impregnating, or from becoming impregnated until they are fully educated and deemed mentally stable.

Just as every other decision needing to be made, I'd have people vote to decide on how many children a woman can birth, and at what age. I suggest no more than two, unless there are multiple children born in a single birth, and not until a women is at least 25 years old, or more. 

In school we also need to teach our children what personality types are the most compatible so that intimate relationships have a better chance of surviving. 

However, if it is decided that divorce is in the best interest of children, then it should be the parents/guardian who vacate the home. Parents/guardian should then be required to share equal time residing in the home with children, rather than the children being disrupted.

And if anyone has a genetic marker known to cause a severe defect, they should not be allowed to procreate, but rather, if they are deemed mentally stable and of age they should be given the support and the resources needed to adopt children.


Apparently there are other planets in our solar system, but none with as much diversity as earth


Leisure time is obviously important to help keep people mentally and physically healthy. Therefore, I suggest that even more recreational areas be developed to meet our various wants.  

People should be able to use their credits to purchase various recreational items such as a boat or a camper if they wish to also use their credits to maintain each item. 

However, I suggest that rather than spending their credits to own and maintain their own boats or other recreational items, have various types of recreational items located at various entertainment locations along with trained personal to maintain and educate people on how to safely use various recreational items. This way, people could use their credits to enjoy a much greater variety of entertainment venues.  

And if adults wish to spend some, or all of their credits on alcohol or other recreational drugs, I believe they should be allowed to do so. However, obviously only in their spare time, and never while there is the potential to cause others harm. And, if it were up to me no one would be allowed to use alcohol or other recreational drugs in the presents of children. 


Penal Colony:

Let’s face it; we have all made poor choices. Some took responsibility for and learned not to repeat those poor choices. However, some, for whatever reason are not capable of making healthy choices.

For those individuals who are unable to make healthy choices or those who refuse to work at something productive, I suggest giving them the choice of either living where they are completely separated from the support of society (as suggested above under the commerce topic)..., 

Or in a penal colony that is supported by society, but are confined to an area designed for them to work at something productive. (Again being required to maintain a yearly level of productivity)

In other words, anyone who refuses to work at something which benefits society, should NOT be given food, water or shelter until they become willing to work at something productive.

A penal colony would also need to be designed to maintain various levels of supervision based upon the level of care each individual requires. 

However, no matter what anyone has done which caused their incarceration, I believe that everyone who works at something productive should, not only have access to nature, healthy food, clean water, exercise and healthy human interaction, but also be regularly evaluated to see if they are capable of returning to society.

If not, they should continue to be given all the education they need for their personal development, and all the resources they require to continue manufacturing products for their use, and for use by those residing outside of the penal colony system. 

Those who murder by choice or rape another person would need to be confined and treated as mentally ill while working at something productive, until they can, if ever, be rehabilitated.

(Again, see “Greenbaum Speech” because most mass shootings “MAY” not have been what we were led to believe) Also, those who cause the death of another by accident, all involved should receive counseling.



Once we have an ethical/co-operative, therefore a more secure society, I'd suggest that well trained security personal be issued both, lethal and powerful non-lethal mechanisms, and that all public lethal weapons be secured within shooting ranges and designated game hunting areas only. 

However, because no system can prevent people from causing others physical harm, I'd also suggest that we develop, then teach everyone how to use powerful personal protection mechanisms designed to help ensure our safety until security personal arrive at our location. 


Linear Time: 

Few seem to understand that even the most subtle of tactics have been employed to keep the masses within a fear based low resonate frequency. Not only by means of war, religious dogma, education (or lack of education), fluoride, cell phone/WIFI microwave frequencies, etc., but also tactics such as Pope Gregory's measurements of linear time was apparently designed to help keep the masses off balance.

Therefore, and it may seem like a bit of a stretch, but if it where up to me I would, not only make the winter solstice new years day world wide, but would also prevent anyone from imposing
daylight savings time upon anyone due to it causing people to become unbalanced.


Devils and demons, or simply ignorance?


It does not matter to me what others believe as long as what others believe does not cause grief to others. However, having spent many years observing human behavior, coupled with countless hours reading a large variety of materials from various sources..., 

It now seems highly likely that the same fear based low resonate frequency energy field which created the Old World of Moralistic Disorder also created the various fear based religious belief systems that most humans still adhere to today, all of which the powers-that-be apparently use to pit us one against the other.

However, I do understand that most people will continue needing those old world religious belief systems to, not only help them make sense of their perceived reality, but also to help them identify with their families, friends and their peers. 

However, unfortunately, it also seems that far too many of these become fanatical of their version of Abrahamism which they have, far too often used to cause the intentional, and even the unintentional suffering of others.

These also, have to often used their religious belief system to, not only discriminate against and/or pass judgment upon the belief systems of others, but also use as justification for warring and/or assuming the wealth of those of other systems of belief, and/or of another race. 

Therefore, if humanity desires to live in harmony, it will need to learn tolerance for the various races and to respect the sovereignty of and the various belief systems that the Old World of Moralistic Disorder has created until a unifying system of belief can be established.

Please think carefully and deeply about the following: If you would have been born into one of the other religious belief systems, more than likely that system of belief would have become your belief system. 

Therefore, it is my hope that one day our place of birth no longer defines what system of belief we adhere to, but rather, our belief system becomes defined upon a universal and all inclusive universal belief system where all heed the words from one of the greatest phrases that has ever been stated: 

“Love one another” because unconditional love for, is the cure for all which ails us.

We could end poverty and homelessness within months, once we have the willingness to change how we think. Apparently, it has always been up to us to decide, and that it may have been our greed and selfishness which gave the Ruling Elite cause to dominate this physical, so called "reality".

You see, it is quite possible that because some of us engaged in  various forms of debauchery, we empowered the Ruling Class. If so, then the Ruling Class may merely be opportunists, archetypal(s) and that it has been us who allowed them opportunity.  

And/or if what the late Aaron Russo discovered during the time he spent with Nicholas Rockefeller is factual, then the lower members of the Ruling Class may still be planning to continue doing whatever it takes to maintain the same status quo which has kept this world within a low resonate frequency where they have been able to maintain the same domination that they have enjoyed for countless generations. 

If so, then if we do not decide to come together in order to formulate societal restructuring, the Ruling Class may continue to dominate this reality.

Then there is evidence which states that once the goal of those unseen residing above the Ruling Class, (which I have eluded to in this writing) is reached, the lower members of the hierarchy  may then be ordered to stand down. If so, then they may even help us usher in the New World Order that Papa Bush talked about back on Sept. 11, 1990.

Having read the United States democratic parties "Biden/Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations" I thought: The democratic party is trying to implement somewhat the same idealism as myself. However, they are obviously trying to do so upon the same foundation which created free market imperialism.

By now you, my reader, may have realized that I am one who makes sure that the gate is built strong enough to prevent the horse from getting out and getting hit by a car. In other words, rather than hoping teenagers will not become impregnated..., 

I would make sure they can not become impregnated until they are fully mature and well educated, just as I'd make sure that no one could ever have more than anyone else who works/worked hard. 

Unlike, the current capitalistic system were the wealthy become increasingly wealthy while the poor become increasingly poorer, everyone should be given the opportunity to advance based upon their qualifications/merit rather than their family wealth and/or any influence someone else may use in their favor.

Please try to understand that I am not seeking a utopian society. A 100% utopian society apparently caused/causes stagnation. In that, it allows for no catalyst to occur. Therefore, a 100% utopia lacks mental/spiritual growth. 

This may have been another factor which caused our fall in the Garden of our Eden. That is why we must allow various catalysts in the form of choice to occur, because without people having 100% freewill choice (which apparently none of us have had since our fall in the Garden of our Eden), there was/is no progression but only stagnation.      

I could spend many more hours expanding on my ideals. However, I hope that you understand there will be many problems we will need to work together to solve. And that most people have previously been unable to realize that the minions of the Ruling Classes greatest fear may have always been that one day we would begin to reawaken becoming reunited in thought. 

It has also been stated that once we are reunited in thought, we then, just as the 100th monkey effect demonstrates, have the power to change our reality. If so then it truly is up to us to become the change that we wish to see. 

After all, all we have to lose, are the mental shackles which have kept the same bloodlines in power for countless countless generations.

The time has come for us to step out of our comfort zone and begin thinking in new and different ways. Again, we must learn to stop seeking our differences and begin seeking our similarities. 

We are all the children of the same parent/primary progenitor/creator/GOD. Therefore, we must also learn how to cooperate with one another, rather than continue to compete against one another. We must also learn to forgive others without enabling them.  

And that it is also highly possible that just as all experience is based upon cause and effect, all has, not only an opposite based upon a differing degree of rhythmic vibrational frequency/energy..., 

But also that all contains no true physical form, but rather it is possible that everything physical is being generated from within the mental construct residing within the consciousness of the eternal grand architectural/creative spirit mind known to many as “GOD”. 

You see we may be operating these earth-suits similarly to how an individual operates, say a rover on planet Mars or a drone on earth. In that, our soul essence may reside within our primary estate GOD/Heaven/Paradise where it projects into the physical remotely in order to operate, maybe multi earth-suits at once.

Again, nothing is what it seems, and that we all still have much more to explore within the holistic mind of GOD. 


Some of my Favorite Quotes

The times they are a changin

"Once the people liberate their minds and take a hard look at what the 1% are doing and what the 99% should be doing, then change begins to happen." ~ Michael Parenti

"Nations have been led to borrow billions for war; no nation has ever borrowed largely for education... no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both." ~ Abraham Flexner

"Laws: We know what they are, and what they are worth. They are spider webs for the rich, steel chains for the working poor and fishing nets in the hands of the government." ~~ Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865)

“Communism deprives no man of the power to appropriate the products of society; all that it does is to deprive him of the power to subjugate the labour (labor) of others by means of such appropriations.” 


"Political power, properly so called, is merely the organized power of one class for oppressing another." plus "Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution."


"In place of the old bourgeois (bourgeois is a term close in meaning to mid or upper level class) society, with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all." – From the document “Manifesto of the Communist Party” written in 1848 by the German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Although I am NO fan of Adolf Hitler, nor of the Nazi Party, having read most of Mein Kampf, I now have a better understand as to why Adolf Hitler thought and did what he had done. However, I can find no justification for the murder of any person or persons.  

Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that the primary proprietors of debauchery in Europe when he was a child where primarily members of the Jewish race. He also claimed to have evidence that members of the Jewish race were the primary cause of the economic collapse of Germany.

Adolf Hitler also held a sharp distrust for most governmental bodies because he noticed that members of the Jewish race were deeply woven into some of planet earth’s governmental, religious and economic structures. (Notice that still today there are members within various USA governmental bodies who have duel Israeli citizenships) However, it seems to me that Hitler, as well as did Joseph Stalin had become the very witch in which they hunted.   

“Most law makers within a, so called "Democratic Republic" eventually become corrupt in order to remain in office, but also that most members of a voting public are so mislead, are so misinformed by medias controlled by wealthy individuals, that most voters are so unable to understand what is required to manage a society, that most have no business voting.

Also, if you do consider the matter with absolute objectivity, the parliamentary principle is wrong. There is no other principle as wrong as the parliamentary principle. We can say this without even referring to the way the election of the honorable deputies takes place, the way they get into office, and the way titles are given to them.

Only in a tiny fraction of cases are the offices filled based on widespread desire and certainly it does not stem from any need. It is obvious to anyone that the political understanding of the masses has not reached the point where they can arrive at political views on their own. They are incapable of picking out the most qualified person.

What we always call “public opinion” is based only on individual experience or knowledge. Most public opinion results from the way public matters are presented to the people through an overwhelmingly impressive system of controlled information. Just as religious beliefs are the result of education, the political opinion of the masses is the result of an often incredibly thorough and determined assault on the mind and soul.

By far the greater part of political “education” or propaganda is the work of the press. It is the press which primarily takes care of the “work of enlightenment” and acts as a sort of school for adults. This means the teaching materials are not in the hands of the state, but in the clutches of characters who are motivated by their own self interests." - Mein Kampf (meaning “My Struggle” as written by Adolf Hitler


Wingmakers art seems to have the ability to open inner doors which effects human perception
Wingmakers Chamber art is/was apparently discovered within Chaco Canyon New Mexico

 List of some of my Favorite  

Unorthodox Philosophical Teachings

“The Mystery of the Pyramids”

The Nag Hammadi Library, such as “The Gospel of Thomas”

Various Mesopotamian Literature such as “The Epic of Gilgamesh” and the "Anunnaki Kings List" (both of which were written centuries before the Hebrew rewrote them to create what most today know as "Noah’s Flood" and "The Book of Kings".

The Vedas/Zoroaster teachings by Ahura Mazda

The I Ching “Book of Change”

Dao/Tao such as “The Way”

The Law of One series such as “An Ancient Astronaut Speaks”

Seth Speaks such as “The Eternal Validity of the Soul”

The ongoing Cassiopaean Experiment and its “The Wave Series

“WingMakers Philosophy”

Wes Penre Publications such as “A Journey through the Multiverse”, a "Dialogue with Hidden_Hand" & “The New Hidden Hand Thread 2018”

Barbara Marciniak Publications such as “Bringers of the Dawn

“The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean”

Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Press such as “The Children of the Law of One” and “The Lost Teachings of Atlantis”

The Sons of the Law of One Podcasts done by the late Glen Pendleton (I miss you sweet spirited brother) 

The Kybalion” by Three Initiates which is based upon Hermetic principles

Sacred Text is one of my favorite websites 


Is it possible that some are able to incarnate while retaining memory of past lives?

Following is a cautionary explanation of the, so called “Hand Writing on the Wall”:

“My general view of "channeling" is that the majority of them are of very poor quality. That is not necessarily a slight against those bringing them through, but more a matter of their lack of receptivity and subsequent distortions.

It is very rare, to find a good, stable, clear, and impartial channel. The key element in channeling is the ability to temporarily withdraw the "filters" of your own personal beliefs and be a clear channel. To bring through what is actually given, not your slant on what you think it might mean. 

When I am saying 'you', I mean this in a general term of course here, not 'you' personally. Always remember that it's meant to be about the Message, not the messenger.

Another difficult issue with channeling is that you can start off receiving a positive entity, and if you are not very perceptive in your discernment and careful in your protection when identifying an incoming channel, you can get a negative one that pretends to be positive, but gradually slips in more and more misinformation, having gained your trust.

The ones that give you precise dates and times are nearly always ones to avoid. Positive entities will not give a date and time. Negative ones will so they can set you up for a fall. Once you're tricked into predicting dates and times, and they don't happen, they've succeeded in putting out the Light of your message, as no one will see any credibility in you.”- Dialogue with Hidden_Hand

In other words if an individual engages in any form of communication with other realms of consciousness, (even through prayer..., aka focusing one's conscious intent on a desired outcome) if the individual has a self serving motive/agenda, (such as a, "I wish to be rich" or has the "I want to have this or that" mentality) the communication automatically becomes service-to-self. 

Also, if you pray for someone without asking their permission to believe or do something that you want them to believe or do (such as an evangelical Christian desiring someone to except their belief system) is free will abridgment, therefore is in violation of the freewill directive.

Whereas, if an individual seeks such communication free of personal bias/self-serving motives/agendas, (example for Christians: "Let the so called "Lord's" will be done rather than my will be done, no mater how much you believe you are trying to help another individual...,

This is then an, in service-to-others candidate) is then on the road to becoming an in service-to-others non-abridgment individual which is based upon unconditional love and ethical behavior.

In Conclusion:

I now wish to thank you for taking the time to consider these thoughts, and I wish you the very best on your journey of discovery. 

Please feel free to comment or contact me with your thoughts or questions.

I will continue to edit this work as new information is revealed, and/or as your comments/questions help me to further refine my thoughts.

It seems to me that once lightness is restored, hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised to realize that nothing was as it seemed, and that the paradox always had a solution. We were just unable to realize it due to our darkened state of awareness.  

May the winds of positive change continue to blow in our favor.


Out of the Ashes of Chaos Begets a New World Order