Out of the Ashes of Chaos Begets a New World Order

From Nothingness to Manyness


The Red Pill,

Gateway to the Collective Subconscious


Written by Ray Chandler


I decided to put in the enormous amount of time it will take to complete an e-book which I plan to load onto Amazon sometime in 2023.

Here are a list of chapters followed by an except from my chapter: In the Beginning there was Nothingness:

Table of Contents

Greetings: Contains a short “About me” followed by my suggestions on how to best understanding this e-book.

In the Beginning there was Nothingness: “Nothingness then somehow became self-aware.” Contains my understanding of how this grand adventure seems to have begun.

Battle of Wills: For countless generations a battle of wills has vicariously been fought between two opposing polarities. While one polarity uses various deceptions designed to gain and maintain dominion, the other is unwilling to abridge freewill. And that, whichever polarity wins is said to be based upon choice. The question is, is that choice a collective majority choice, or individual choice?

A Bit of Ancient History and Some Random Information: Here my reader can explore subject matter that most people are unaware of.

The gods: Who are the gods? From where and/or from when did they arrive? Will they return? Did they ever really leave?

The Birth of Abrahamism: When Father Abraham migrated from the Land of Ur he took with him the foundation on which much of planet earth’s faith based religions were built upon.

Old World Disorder: Contains evidence of a hierarchical command and control system which is said to have held dominion over the human species, possibly since the fall from the Garden of our Eden.   

Out of the Ashes of Chaos Begets a New World Order: As the era/age of the fear based survival of the fittest, where the human species has held an acute propensity to compete against one another is reaching its conclusion, let us begin learning the true meaning of cooperation. This is where I wrote my suggestions for an equal resource distribution system.

It is my hope that such a system will free humanity from the current fear based jungle mentality which has kept an unseen hierarchy in power for countless generations. A communal society where everyone who works at least 30 hours per week at something which benefits society will receive all of their basic needs and even many of their wants. Will be a so called "Golden Age".

My Closing thoughts: Are self-explanatory.

List of Some of my Favorite Reference Material: Is a good place to start for anyone who is interested in further exploration.


In the Beginning there was Nothingness

Nothingness somehow became self-aware. I now wish to share what I understand was how this grand adventure between the “as above, so as below” positive versus negative, plus versus minus, hot verses cold, light versus dark, sweet versus sour, good versus bad dichotomy began. Hold on tight because Mr. Toad’s wild adventure into the unknown depths of the collective subconscious is about to pick up some serious speed.

With the advent of conscious awareness, that first to become self-aware, (known as “GOD” to most westerners) then sought to understand the full potential of its-self-awareness. In order to better realize the full potential of that awareness, that awareness then fragmented a portion of its-self into selves/manyness aka you/I/us/we.

And that GOD’s awareness (is a creative energy which connects every aspect of the creation together. Christians call it “The Holy Spirit”. It may be what the Chinese call “Chi”. However, is known by countless titles such as “Intelligent Infinity”) continues to reside vicariously within/through its manyness (you/I/us/we) in order to know its-self and the full potential of all GOD’s manynesses.

It is, therefore a symbiotic relationship. And, that if you/I/us/we were to somehow become subconsciously disconnected from GOD, you/I/us/we would then cease to be. In other words, without GOD/consciousness there would be nothingness.

Throughout history the personage I just described has been given countless titles. And the interpretations of what GOD is are as endless as is imagination. I think of God as the neutron within the torus field pictured above and you/I/us/we as the flowing electrons. (Always look towards the patterns within nature to better understand the physics which govern the creation).

And/or, you/I/us/we are the micron of an overall macron. In other words: From the highest perception of all, there is only one of, so called "us" here, there or anywhere. And that, you/I/us/we are currently individual thought forms, which are fragments of that which make up an overall wholeness, which then formed/forms a collective so called “master mind”. Therefore, just as I am another version of your-self, you are another version of my-self.

Yet, each fragment (you/I/us/we) are all currently experiencing our own unique personality, each with our own unique vibrational energy signature (no two of us vibrate at the exact same frequency) and each of us are currently experiencing our own unique adventure. However, all of “us” combined form the symphony which is GOD the grand and/or primary architect/progenitor of all-ness.

Within some of the informational sources listed on the last pages of this e-book, (which I will call "source” or “sources" from now on) some sources call "GOD" the “primary creator” and you/I/us/we are known to some as “co-creators”. For others, God is known as “Logos” and you/I/us/we are known as “Logi”. (The terms “logos” and “logi” are found within some of what are called “Gnostic” and/or “heretical” text).

For some GOD is “The One Infinite Creator", while, for others GOD is simply called "Creator". Whereas, while some sources refer to GOD as “higher-self” or “over-soul”, another source uses the heartwarming phrase "All Father" to differentiate what GOD means to them.

And that, once, so called “GOD” fragmented its-self into manyness, that manyness somehow, and for whatever reason, (sources vary in explanation as to why depending upon their individual or group perception) became consciously (not subconsciously) disconnected from GOD. (Again, we are all still directly connected to GOD at the subconscious/subatomic level by what some call “The Silver thread”).

Some sources state that the current conscious disconnection from GOD occurred due to negative karma that most of us do not recall incurring. Whereas, other sources seem to indicate that this is simply the means by which God experiences its-self as individual-selves. Again, perceptions vary.

Whatever was the cause of our fall in the Garden of our Eden, it was obviously then that each individual began to believe, (some more so than others), that their way of thinking, behaving and doing is the only correct or rational way of thinking, behaving and doing, and that the way others think, behave and do is often viewed as incorrect or irrational. (Can you imagine how boring the creation would be if we all looked and thought the same way?)

It has also been stated that the physical life we are currently experiencing is much more difficult than non-physical life. (It is also said that even our spirit-self requires rest while experiencing the draining effect caused by our current state of physical life.) And that, although our current state of physical form causes a very limited awareness, it has been stated is the best means by which to experience lessons that are not available to us within our primary, or also known as our “first estate”, which is known to most as “heaven” or “paradise”.

Heaven/paradise may actually be what many today call “The Garden of Eden”. Heaven/paradise/eden is said to be where our eternal/omnipresent non-physical-self resides within comfort and safety while absorbing the countless lessons being taught by the various experiences being offered to us. It is also said that each individual fragment(s) of the whole are experiencing numerous experiences simultaneously.

However, we obviously do not have the awareness capacity while experiencing 3D to interpret more than one of those experiences at a time. This may be due to whatever caused some of our DNA to become dormant, deactivated, or disconnected from direct conscious connection to GOD, the source of all awareness. It is also said that we are all projecting part of our soul essence from heaven/paradise/eden and into the earth-suit model(s) we operate much the same way NASA operates a rover on Mars or we fly a drone on earth.

"For those of you who do accompany me, I promise you an adventure, a creative alteration of consciousness, and experiences beyond those that you have known in your terms. You look at the world around you and are amazed at its richness and variety. Do you think that the inner world is not as rich, even more rich, more valid? Do you think there is but one kind of consciousness?" - Seth

Eventually there will be a link to my completed e-book.

Thank you for your interest,

Ray Chandler