Out of the Ashes of Chaos Begets a New World Order

From Nothingness to Manyness   The Red Pill, Gateway to the Collective Subconscious   Written by Ray Chandler Greetings, I decided to put in the enormous amount of time it will take to complete an e-book which I plan to load onto Amazon sometime in 2023. Here are a list of chapters followed by an except from my chapter: In the Beginning there was Nothingness : Table of Contents Greetings: Contains a short “About me” followed by my suggestions on how to best understanding this e-book. In the Beginning there was Nothingness: “Nothingness then somehow became self-aware.” Contains my understanding of how this grand adventure seems to have begun. Battle of Wills: For countless generations a battle of wills has vicariously been fought between two opposing polarities. While one polarity uses various deceptions designed to gain and maintain dominion, the other is unwilling to abridge freewill. And that, whichever polarity wins is said to be based upon choice. The ques