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Out of the Ashes of Chaos Begets a New World Order

Greetings, just so you know, my internet connection has become  so slow, and/or this is so long that spell check has difficulty operating. Therefore, I decided to complete this writing on my computer rather than trying to finish it here on blogger. Once complete, I hope to load it onto an e-book and list it on Amazon where any profits will go towards an organization in our county who is working to help solve the mental health/homeless crisis in our area. So, as you read the following, please understand that there are misspelled words, and that I may no longer add to, nor edit this work. However, you will get the just of my thoughts here if you wish to understand where I am coming from. I have spent most of my life searching through vast amounts of information (some of which is listed at the bottom of this page) hoping to better understand the meaning of life and what being human entails. It is not my intention to explain every detail of each topic, but rather I hope the following wil